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Social Responsibility

At Nexia Australia, we take social responsibility seriously.

We believe that we have a responsibility to assist, contribute and support the community and we strive to do this from both a company level, as well as an individual staff member level.

If you are interested in partnering or would like more information on the support provided by Nexia Australia please get in touch with our committee.

Nexia in the community.

Many of our employees are actively involved in the community, giving their time, hands on help and support to individuals in need and organisations who help others.

We support a number of organisations and charities throughout Australia (as well as some internationally) through sponsorship, donations, workplace giving and volunteering. For more information regarding the work of these great causes, please click on their logos below.

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CSR-Logos28.gif CSR-Logos3.gif CSR-Logos4.gif CSR-Logos5.gif CSR-Logos6.gif
CSR-Logos7.gif CSR-Logos8.gif CSR-Logos9.gif Epilepsy-QLD.gif Muscular-Dystrophy-QLD.gif
RFW.gif            Ovarian Cancer Australia World Vision Australia Variety Childrens Charity
The Salvation Army                 

We also believe in giving back - through financial support, provision of services, honorary roles and a variety of appointments to 'not-for-profit' organisations:

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If you are interested in being a partner or would like more information on the support provided by Nexia Australia, please get in touch with our committee below.

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