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Nexia Tax Alliance – a tax solution for small accounting businesses who do not offer Tax Consulting services

Tax Law is increasingly complex and voluminous. As an accountant, your clients may typically ask you for tax advice, or ask you to identify tax issues. This may come with time-cost pressures as well as the stress of trying to resolve an issue that falls outside your area of expertise. This is where Nexia's Tax Alliance offering can help.

What is the Nexia Tax Alliance?

Tax Alliance is for small accounting businesses who do not offer Tax Consulting services. The business can become a member of Tax Alliance, and gain access to our Nexia Tax Consulting division who specialise in providing the specialist tax advice your clients may need.

Think of Nexia’s Tax Alliance as the Tax Consulting arm of your business. You will have the option to either white label our written advice, or, bring your Tax Alliance Specialist into the conversation.

Key Benefits

Tax Training

Nexia conducts several tax training sessions per year which provide relevant and practical information on a range of current tax and business topics.

Nexia Tax Alliance members are entitled to have unlimited employees from their firm attend each training session, which will count as CPD hours.

Unlimited Phone Call service

In instances where you come across a complex tax issue it might be helpful to speak with your Nexia tax specialist. Our phone services gives you unlimited access to discuss tax matters.

Verbal responses cannot be relied on as advice. However, if the issue requires written advice we can then provide a fee proposal.

Written advice

Where your client is confronted with a significant tax issue, written advice may be warranted. This advice is tailored to meet the needs and risk profile of your client. The following issues are typically ones where a client should seek written advice:

  • Qualifying for and applying the CGT small business relief concessions to a business or asset sale, including extracting the funds from a trust or company
  • Sell the business assets or sell the company?
  • Property transactions, including income tax, CGT, GST and main residence exemption
  • More complicated trust losses or Division 7A scenarios
  • Restructures, mergers and introducing or exiting owners of a business
  • International tax issues
  • Winding up entities

Our approach

Fee proposals

To ensure full transparency, if written advice is required we will provide a fee proposal and scope for your approval before any work commences. Before a fee-for-service engagement commences, we also conduct a no-obligation meeting with the Tax Alliance member and their client to discuss their client’s unique situation – free of charge.

Client Interaction

Trust underpins everything Tax Alliance stands for and we have a zero-tolerance approach to client solicitation. How we deliver tax advice to your client is entirely up to you – some practitioners prefer that we have no contact with their client, whereas others may prefer us to liaise directly with them instead.

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