UK and Australian Tax Returns

Do you need help with the preparation and lodgement of your UK and/or Australian tax return? Get in touch today.

Our expert team specialises in the preparation and lodgement of UK and Australian tax returns. We can assess your UK and Australian taxes payable and ensure that your income and expenses are correctly reported on both your UK and Australian tax returns. We can also apply the UK/Australian Double Tax Agreement to your situation to ensure that you are not paying tax twice in the UK and/or Australia.

We also prepare:

Non UK Resident Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Returns (NRCGT)

Non-UK tax residents who sell UK land or property are required lodge NRCGT returns with HM Revenue and Customs in the UK. These returns must be lodged within 60 days of selling the asset, if the completion date was on or after 27 October 2021. Prior to this date the deadline was 30 days following the sale of the UK land or property.

Repayment Claims for UK Tax Overpaid Under the UK/Australia Double Tax Agreement

The UK Government deducts PAYE (Pay-As-You-Earn) from certain payments in the UK. These payments may not have been taxable in the UK under the UK/Australian Double Tax Agreement depending on your circumstances. We can assist you in obtaining a repayment of UK tax paid for example where excessive UK tax has been deducted from your employment income, UK pensions or UK royalties

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