Nexia Live

Are you looking for a simpler way to run your business? Nexia can revolutionise your financial insight. 

Nexia Live are both the tools and business insight we use to collaborate with you on your business like never before. 

The combination of our knowledge paired with new technology gives us insight to your business growth and gives you the power to make informed decisions - all in real time.

Today, we can work side-by-side with you on a single ledger in a secure, collaborative, live environment. Working on live information allows us to go beyond compliance and deliver forward-looking insights to help you grow your business and make timely and informed decisions. You will have access to your financial information 24/7 from wherever you are, using your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.

This new way of working on your numbers is revolutionary and it will change the way you run your business and the way we work with you.

What is Nexia Live?

Cloud Live

Cloud accounting offers you access and freedom to real time financial information from any device, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, and with software in the cloud constantly updated with the best and latest security measures without you having to think about it or pay anything extra, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure. 

Nexia has the skills and expertise to really take your business from cloud confusion to cloud nine

Reporting Live

Gain insight into the financial performance for your business like never before.

Experience meaningful reporting that is designed especially for your business as well as in-depth interpretation and analysis of the results. Your accounts will no longer be just a bookkeeping exercise. We will help you set up a dashboard with reports that make sense to you and focus on the important aspects of your business performance.

Receive your bank statements automatically via a secure connection, making it a breeze to reconcile and gain a complete and up-to-date snapshot of your business from the breakfast table to your favourite coffee shop.

Data Live

Having a cloud based system allows to us to work on one system together, removing the confusion and double handling. It is a secure, collaborative environment.

If you don't have an in-house accounting department, we have a solution that allows us to become your outsourced finance department that is very cost effective. You will get all the expertise without the usual cost. Nexia Live is a much better way for us to work together. Working on live information allows us to go beyond compliance and deliver timely insights to your team. We can now be working side-by-side together and focused on your business all year round.

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