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Expatriate Tax Services

Whether you are an organisation that is taking advantage of overseas resources, or an individual working in Australia on a visa, Nexia provides extensive support surrounding expatriate workers. Specialising in expatriate tax, Nexia makes a local playing field global.

Drawing on the strength of our International network, with member firms in all major financial and economic centres, Nexia offers: 

  • a global network of expertise and support
  • global considerations made available at a local level
  • Ensured support if or when you grow your business internationally
  • Allows international expertise throughout the planning and taxation processes
  • Identification of tax opportunities across international boundaries
  • Options to consider an international workforce as part of your business strategy

Expatriate Tax Services for Employers

As globalisation in the world market accelerates, an increasing number of companies are realising the potential for having an internationally mobile workforce.

In addition to changing policy design and tax planning issues, compliance requirements are becoming more complex whilst penalties for failing to meet those requirements are on the increase.

Nexia has expatriate tax experts for tax planning, tax compliance and policy design for employers and employees. Part of the role of our expatriate tax specialists is to advise on tax implications of foreign assignments with regards to home and host country taxes.

We work with Nexia member firms to provide employers considering the international relocation of employees advice covering the following areas: 

International assignment planning

  • We provide forecasts of the potential costs of assignments with advice on the most cost-effective way to structure assignments.
  • Creative assignment planning and compensation structuring, including review of assignment agreements and compensation packages to minimise worldwide tax costs to the company and the employee.
  • Visa and other regulatory requirements to enter the host country.

Tax equalisation

  • Advice on expatriate tax equalisation including preparation of annual tax equalisation and tax reconciliation calculations.

Tax compliance

  • Expatriate and foreign national tax return preparation, including review and analysis of special elections and treaty provisions available.
  • Expatriate and foreign national payroll consulting, including worldwide withholding and reporting requirements for expatriate and foreign national employees.
  • Home and host country tax advice.
  • Response to tax notices from host country or home country taxation authorities.

Tax planning

  • Tax Treaty planning and consulting.

Services for Executives and Employees

By working with member firms, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of advice and expatriate tax services with regard to both home and host country matters for an executive or an employee being relocated internationally by their employer on a short term or long term basis.

We guarantee confidentiality in dealing with the financial affairs of executives and employees. Although we may discuss remuneration arrangements with employers we will not disclose to employers information concerning private finances.

Departure consultations for expatriates

A departure consultation can assist in dealing with the issues arising from a move overseas. These are best dealt with well in advance and before the transfer to anticipate the likely tax and other issues resulting from relocation. The issues covered by a consultation include:

Non residence claims

One of the most important tax considerations when leaving a country is the potential for claiming non-resident status and the advantages that can arise.

After claiming non-resident status, only income arising from the home country remains taxable in the home country. Employees maintaining resident status remain liable to home country tax on worldwide income.

Nexia can assist with you making the claim to the home country tax authorities for expatriate tax requirements.

Tax Refunds

Individuals who leave their home country and successfully claim non-resident status are often able to claim a refund of tax in the year of departure. Our specialists can assist in making this claim to the home country taxation authorities as part of the departure consultation.

Tax Compliance

Our team can assist with the preparation of your final home country tax return. In addition to the filing of forms on your behalf when departing your home country, Nexia can also assist expatriates who still receive income from their home country who require tax returns and determine whether a tax return for your home county is, in fact, required or beneficial.

Residence and Domicile claims
  • Advice on residence status and assistance with the appropriate registration procedures with the host country taxation authorities.
  • Assistance with obtaining a tax residence and domicile ruling in the host country where required.
  • Advice on the taxation implications of the residence and authorities. The status allocated by the host country taxation authority could be the difference between paying tax on worldwide income or on host source income only.
Tax Planning
  • Advice on tax planning strategies that may be available when moving employees to the host country. This can significantly reduce the cost to the employer and employee. Some of these strategies require the correct structuring of financial affairs at the outset. An arrival consultation will provide the opportunity to maximise these claims.
  • Advice on personal pension entitlements in the home country and in the host country.
Tax Compliance
  • Advice on registering with taxation, social security or superannuation bodies.
  • Advice and assistance with the lodging of expatriate tax returns in the host country.
  • Advice on the available double taxation relief.
End of Assignment

Our services for a successful end of assignment include negotiating an exit from the tax and social security systems of the host country at the end of the assignment.

Arrival Consultations for Expatriates

It is a very useful to take advantage of Nexia's arrival consultations to cover tax planning, compliance issues and expatriate tax requirements. Our team could save you money, optimise your income, and protect you against incorrect financial dealings while in Australia. Get in touch to arrange a consultation today.

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