Estate Planning

Will your assets be passed on in the most financially efficient and tax effective way? We can help you protect your loved ones. 

Don't put your family at risk - protect your loved ones

Estate planning is a way of ensuring that the assets you own and wealth you have built is passed onto your beneficaries in the most financially efficient and tax effective way possible. This is essential to protect your assets and your family.

The main issues that we help you consider in estate planning include:
  • Taxation including tax consequences and minimisation of income tax and CGT upon transfer or eventual sale of assets
  • Asset protection throughout the myriad of significant life events, ie. marriage / divorce, death, purchase of a primary residence, birth of a child, education etc
  • Income protection to protect you and your family in the event where you cannot work due to illness or injury
  • Protection of beneficiaries from actions or legal proceedings taken against them, such as bankruptcy or divorce
  • Family law issues
  • Transferring the ownership and control of assets into the right hands
  • Claims made by family members contrary to the testator's wishes
Our specific estate planning service includes:
  • Drafting of wills to limit control of assets and timing of inheritance for not only individuals, but for family trusts and private companies also
  • Advice to executors
  • Advice to guardians for children
  • Creating testamentary trusts
  • Deeds of guardianship
  • Powers of attorney
  • Enduring power of attorney

Estate planning is not just about planning for death, it also involves the consideration of how assets and financial decisions should be made when you or someone close to you loses their physical or mental capacity to make such decisions. 

Our financial advisers work through your estate planning needs to create a comprehensive plan to ensure your loved ones are protected for the future. 

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