Decision Base

Looking for a unique but effective way to develop your teams? Our game based simulations make change happen.

Prepare your leaders to work together for success

The most comprehensive business simulation - ‘Decision Base’ provides challenges in all aspects of running a business.

Participants learn to grow the business with scarce resources, battle for positions while still improving the organisations profitability. 

Knowledge Intensive Firms has been the fastest growing industry sector for the past decades. They are people intensive, knowledge based and project driven organisations that are intense competition for both customers and key employees.

The employee competency and expertise is crucial for these firms. The fact that the employees who are the most valuable capital may leave the organisation suddenly and even join the competitor is what keeps the managing director often wake at night. Since the relationship these employees have developed with clients is often determining factor how the success of a project is perceived. Therefore for many Knowledge Intensive Firms, the world is uncertain, tough and fast changing. 

Case Study

In order to gain a competitive edge and stay profitable, ABB decided to train its manufacturing workforce to think like management. Download the Case Study to read how ABB Group helped factory workers think like business owners.

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