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Is your commercial debt finance under control?

Business Finance

Financing your business with one of the many different products available across Australia's commercial lending market is less about borrowing money, and more about making an investment in your business success.

Whether you are starting up, sustaining success, or wanting to make the most of new opportunities, the right finance can help fund the growth you're looking for.

Australia is indeed a lucky country. We are blessed for choice when it comes to the level of competition that exists when it comes to the business finance market. With so many lenders, and so many products under each of their brands, it's important you make the most of this choice when deciding who and what you choose when it comes to how to fund your business.

Looking to expand?

It's not just about larger premises or new property. Expansion can mean new equipment, more staff, marketing, or diversifying your business into other areas.

When conditions are right, and opportunities present themselves, finance can help realise these opportunities.

Purchasing new equipment

This is one of the most common reasons to get finance, an equipment or vehicle loan can be structured to preserve cash flow and leverage any tax benefits your accountant or tax adviser may suggest. Because the equipment is the security, you may not need to use other assets, either personal or business, as collateral.

Getting your inventory right

Ensuring you have enough stock on the floor when you know you are about to get busy can be tricky. You may need to buy your inventory before you get a chance to sell what you already have. Having the right finance means, you'll be ready to make the most of new trends and seasonal demands.


Business lending can be a highly competitive market, with new products and lenders entering the market all the time. This means you can make the most of these new options to obtain finance that simply suits your needs more, or offers more competitive terms or structures that better match your business.

Managing cash flow

Cash flow is vital for any business. There are finance products that can be used to give you capital or the tools to grow your business, while maintaining the funds you need to meet your day-to-day expenses.

Nexia Commercial Brokers

When you run your own business it can be so hard to find the time, but finding the smart lending solution for you is important. The right finance can help fuel growth and build a strong and successful business.

In business, the right finance is so much more than just finding the lowest interest rate, and reducing fees. Not only do you need the right type of finance, you need to be able to choose from the widest range of options, terms and structure.

Which is why working with one of our Nexia brokers could benefit your business. We can help ensure you have the confidence to know you've made the right choice.

We have access to a range of business loan options, and will match you with the right loan for your business needs. This means we can help find the right loan for your business, and give you the peace of mind that like all good business decisions you have explored the options before making the final call.

We get to know you

Before identifying the right type of finance product to suit your goals, we will get to know you and your business. Once we've identified what you want, we will source the most suitable loan and negotiate across our lending panel to get to the right deal that works for you and your goals.

We provide the latest choices

We have access to a variety of loan products from different lenders. We deal with lenders every day and ensure we stay up-to date with changes in the market regarding business loans.

We help get the best from the banks 

We know how the lenders work and what they are looking for when it comes to their lending appetites. All lenders have different lending objectives, parameters and processes; they all operate differently. We will help to structure your proposal, taking into account the various product types, interest rates and fee structures.

Because we stay on top of changes in the lending market, we understand lenders' attitudes toward a different industries or sectors. If a lender's policy or funding appetite changes in your industry, we can help you develop appropriate strategies to ensure it is business as usual

We provide a fast turnaround

Our understanding of how your finance is structured and the criteria lenders use to assess applications; means we can help ensure the process is as quick and hassle-free as possible.

We will be with you from application to approval

We will prepare the funding submission, and work with the lender to obtain the most appropriate loan package including structure, terms, rates and fees. We will then manage the whole process through to settlement.

All this to give you peace of mind that your business has the right funding in place, leaving you to get on to do what you do best growing your business.

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