Apples and Oranges

Looking for a unique but effective way to develop your teams? Our game based simulations make change happen.

One of our most popular simulations, Apples and Oranges, is designed to help non-finance professionals learn the basics of running a business.

It involves teams of four or five participants running a mock manufacturing, service or retail company over a three-year time frame. As the participants move along the board, they face financial decisions, such as how to deal with productivity changes, allocate resources and manage cash flow. At the end of each simulated year, participants produce an annual report including income statement, balance sheet and KPI’s.

Case Study - Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

When Cooper Tire & Rubber Company expanded its automotive supply operation through the acquisition of exiting companies, top management recognised the need for common informed culture regarding key elements in the company’s success. 

Forward looking organisations are discovering that a high degree of business acumen among the management team is a powerful source of competitive advantage. According to several recent studies, Business Acumen has been identified as one of the critical competencies needed by leaders over the next decade. However, in order for organisation to successfully close the business acumen competency gap, the competency needs to be well understood and clarified. 

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