Property and Construction

Nexia Australia has been representing the property and construction industry for over 35 years. We know the market and we understand the needs of our clients.

Our specialist knowledge and key insight into this dynamic and changeable market means we can deliver a total property and construction service with up-to-date, expert advice. 

We have a proven track record in property and construction, with clients ranging from large-scale developers, building contractors and suppliers through to fund managers and individual investors. We understand the unique industry standards – and we understand the individual needs and challenges you face.

Regardless of your level of involvement in the industry, our solid network of experts, specialist consultants and dedicated resources ensure we deliver a total property service.

Nexia Australia can add value through: 
  • Investment analysis
  • Syndication
  • Funds management
  • Structuring
  • Asset protection
  • Financing
  • Land tax and stamp duty minimisation
  • Estate planning

For more information, please contact a local Nexia Advisor.

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