Nexia understands the challenges schools face. Our solution is to develop close, professional working relationships with our clients.

At Nexia, our experienced engagement teams work closely with you to establish a service plan that suits the needs of the school and achieves all statutory requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand schools, offer practical solutions and support clients to make strategic decisions.


What our clients have to say about us.


"Schools are complex businesses, and as we continue to navigate through the changes in regulatory and compliance frameworks, we need to ensure we have a trusted advisor to assist the school in those matters going forward."

        Jason Haseldine, Business Director - St Peter's College

We strive to gain a full understanding of your operations and systems and the people who work with them in order to provide you value through: 

  • Comprehensive external and internal audits
  • Structuring of Audit and Audit committees
  • Comprehensive GST and FBT health checks
  • Advice on compensating controls to overcome a lack of segregation of duties
  • Pragmatic “Flash report” of key metrics for school board reporting
  • Salary packaging advice
  • Best corporate structures for raising funds
  • DGR compliance health checks
  • Cash flow modelling for scholarship funds
  • Comprehensive school financial modelling for obtaining finance
  • Preparation of quarterly, annual and ten year master budgets
  • Identifying areas of inefficiency, cash flow improvement and expense control
  • Advice and guidance through legislative changes, including the ACNC

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